AD6 e-Kanban software
The efficiency of an electronic Kanban system
connected to your ERP

Logiciel ALBERT DELOIN AD6-eKanbanUsing AD6-eKb, you can control and supervise your electronic Kanban connected to the company‘s ERP. Electronic Kanban is an evolution of the manual Kanban system which will allow you to improve your use of the Kanban method. The sizing of Kanban loops is immediate. The activity level and the label life cycle are under control. Stock levels are known in real time.

With AD6-eKb, easily manage your pull flow supply chain

  • Customer-Supplier relations analysis (Kanban loops),
  • Pull flow sizing adapted to the requirements of each reference,
  • Managing products from stock or on demand,
  • Kanban supply, manufacture, transfer, double-bin,
  • Kanban between two remote sites, between a customer and a supplier,
  • Fully customisable label formats,
  • Organisation supervision,
  • Controlling and updating the ADC and pull parameters,
  • Automatic resizing of Kanban loops,
  • Managing exceptional needs, seasonality, facility and supplier closures,
  • Kanban label life cycle management,
  • Library of reports adaptable to the specific needs of the company
    Numerous analysis functions (dashboards, configuration, stock, loss of labels, etc.),
  • Easy modification and integration of new documents,
  • Virtual Kanban schedules, etc.

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