Logiciel AD6-ERP : the first pull flow ERP

AD6-ERP is an ERP intended for SMEs/SMIs
containing all the functions of the AD6 pull flow planning software.

AD6-ERP meets pull flow requirements: Just-in-time (JIT) and responsiveness at all levels of the logistics chain

• No need for a net calculation of needs,
• Regardless of the volume, seasonality and diversity of commercial needs,
• Products delivered from stock or made to order.

Using a single parameter: Average Daily Consumption, your logistics team can resize all flows in real time.
• Physical flows to external supplies triggering scheduling (production and supply),
• Human and industrial capacities: available means or required capacities,
• Measuring average stock in all customer/supplier relations (in value, volume, storage area, etc.)

With AD6-ERP, you provide the sales administration with the means to:
• Consult the available components and sub-assemblies to communicate a commercial need to production without delay,
• Commit to the delivery time of an exceptional need without affecting previous commitments.

AD6-ERP provides you with decision-making tools:

Business management
You are in charge of all the data regarding customer relationships thanks to the following functions:
• Customer and product management,
• Pricing (discounts by quantity, customer or product range, history, etc.)
• Firm and open orders, delivery requests,
• Preparation management,
• Delivery slips and package labelling,
• Manual or automatic invoices.

But also, what makes AD6-ERP so original:
• JIT order book
• Pull flow management based on commercial needs.

Production management
AD6-ERP provides you with all the information for managing technical data:
• Articles, nomenclatures, ranges, etc.
• Load centers, load stations, machines
• Cost price: updated, budget, tools, estimate, PMP, etc.
• Batch traceability
• Time tracking
• Inventory and transport management

Scheduling and planning management
• Different management methods: stock, on order, seasonal, phantom, etc.
• JIT scheduling of manufacturing needs,
• Management of the Kanban method: manual, electronic, virtual,
• Management of OF,
• Optimisation of human and industrial capacities
• Just-in-time states of commercial, production and supply needs,
• Gantt diagrams.

Management of purchasing and supply
AD6-ERP utilizes all the data associated with the supplier relationship. It includes all of the following standard functions:
• Management of suppliers and subcontractors,
• Price bank,
• Firm orders, open orders, supply requests,
• Receipt of orders,
• Control and good to pay,
• Just in time scheduling of supply needs.

Planning and budget
(optional module AD6-BUDGET)
• Decision-making reporting
• Management and preparation of short, medium and long term forecasts
• Simulations
• Production plan
• Budgets (sales, production, purchasing)

This module allows the company to build its business plan for the following year using the information in the database:
• Nomenclatures,
• Ranges,
• Human resources (operators and adjusters),
• Industrial resources (materials, machines),
• History.

By comparing them with the business forecasts established by the management of the company. The objective of this operation is to define an industrial and commercial plan for the following year and to feed the following information into the budgetary accounts:
• Sales: quantity and turnover
• Purchasing: quantity and value
• Production: quantities, OM costs, machine costs, energy, etc.

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