Expert in the KANBAN method, ALBERT DELOIN has built a range of intra-company Kanban training courses that can be customised to your company.

The Kanban training provided by ALBERT DELOIN enables the deployment of the Kanban method in the company: a visual and manual system for managing pull flow production. Since 1989, ALBERT DELOIN has developed unique know-how in the implementation of this method across industrial flows and supplies in most industrial sectors. ALBERT DELOIN brings you his expertise in the deployment of this method, implementing tools and software solutions (AD6-KanbanEditAD6-eKanbanKanban e-shop) and training your teams.

These training courses are built according to the production, organisation and constraints specific to your company. They aim to provide the participants with the skills necessary for deploying the KANBAN method in the company:

Theoretical and practical Kanban training
This basic module is the essential step in customised training and the real practice of the Kanban method.

Customised theoretical Kanban training

Using exercises and answers from a selection of company products gives participants a working understanding of the Kanban method as well as a concrete vision of its application in the company.

Transfer of skills
An integral part of customised training, the Application File gives the project group the skills to deploy the Kanban method in a pilot sector.

Support in a pilot sector
The transfer of skills is followed by a support period aimed at assisting the project group during the operational launch phase.

Thanks to the Kanban method, you will improve your industrial performance:

  • Reduced stock and work in progress (~30%) starting in the first year of implementation.
  • Reduced lead times.
  • Improved internal and external service rate.
  • Increased overall productivity (between 5% and 10%).
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